I am your neighbor. The issues that impact you are impacting me as well. I am not supported by any special interest groups. I am here to represent you. What makes me think I can represent you? That is a fair question. Let me try to explain.

Mike Mabry I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up during the civil rights movement of the 1960's. I was in the city when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I have seen racial division. But I have also seen racial harmony...where skin color was not seen. I believe that "we the people" are more alike than we are different. And as long as we keep discussing the issues, I believe we can find common ground on every issue.

When I moved to Houston in 1979, I immediately started working in the construction industry. With my previous university studies in economics, accounting, computer science, HVAC and electrical courses, I began to climb the professional ladder. I eventually obtained a class A air conditioning and refrigeration license with the State of Texas. This license allows the holder to furnish and install HVAC systems where the tonnage (capacity) is unlimited. After 16 years of forming a solid foundation in that industry, I established Mabry Mechanical (owned and operated), a commercial HVAC company, that existed for an additional 20 successful years.

Experience in the HVAC industry included project management of multimillion dollar installations with complex HVAC systems throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. This includes hospitals, petro-chem, schools, churches, restaurants, commercial high rise buildings and museums (many facilities that you would recognize). I managed every aspect of the installations, such as managing personnel, procuring equipment/materials and meeting constructions schedules. I also ran the business, overseeing all aspects of cost accounting, maintenance of equipment, estimating projects, reviewing and negotiating contracts, insurance policies, hiring personnel, reading construction drawings and specifications, competing at every level on every project to achieve the goal of meeting or exceeding the engineer's design and customer satisfaction. The company was profitable every year.

I am a family man. My wife supports this endeavor and I am extremely lucky to have her in my life. I have two daughters who live in the Houston area and one son who is serving in the U.S. Navy at Norfolk, Virginia. I have a daughter who lives in Austin, Texas and seven grandchildren ranging in age from 4 months to 16 years old. We are expecting our eighth grandchild in December. With having my family here, I care about crime, the border, the economy and of course, education. I care about giving my family and yours, opportunities to create a wholesome life right here in this great state of Texas.

Though I retired from mechanical contracting, the last few years I have been working on remodeling historical homes and began working the election polls. I have been keeping informed on current events and could no longer sit back and just watch my state or my country continue to go in the wrong direction. I became involved by educating myself and others on what is happening to erode our rights. Now I find myself running for Texas State House of Representatives, District 145. I want to stand up and protect our (your) rights. I want to defend our constitution. I believe this country needs every capable person to step up and give their time and energy to stand against the corruption, greed and powers that are trying to change the very foundations of the Constitution of the United States of America. These same powers are also trying to undermine the basic Judeo Christian morals that are the bedrock of this country.

I believe that my past experience in running a business can be utilized to represent the citizens in district 145 and will help insure that projects and bills being proposed are for the benefit of the citizens (not special interest groups). Such projects or bills should be implemented in a way to benefit all citizens, not just a chosen few, and the bottom line cost of such projects or bills must be achievable.

Please check out my platform. If you believe the same, then vote for me on November 8, 2022.