• Inflation must be controlled - The cost of food, fuel and housing (and just about everything else) has skyrocketed under the Democratic party's control. Gas prices are at a record high. The inflation that we see today is self-inflicted by the Democratic party. This did not have to happen.

  • Mike Mabry pictureStop Crime - Houston, Texas, as of this year, 2022, is among the highest in the nation in murders. Our Democratic controlled city government is pathetic. Catch and release is the standard now. Democratic elected judges and prosecutors (2018 & 2020) have undermined the criminal courts. Murder, robbery, car jacking and assaults are up across the board in Houston, Texas. This does not have to happen.

  • Stop the Border Crisis - The Democrat "Open Border Policy" is all about future votes for the Democratic party. It worked for them in California, and they're hope is that it works for them nationally. Our existing laws must be enforced. Under Democratic leadership we are in "Crisis Mode" at the border. The National Guard is needed to control our border until we can finish the wall, defend Texans actions in court, secure the rule of law and stop the infiltration of millions of illegal immigrants. The Biden administration is providing transportation, including air fare to send thousands of people (no vaccination required) who cross the border illegally to various locations all across the United States. And the ones that walk in unchecked are many times bringing drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking, and terrorists. It's all about future votes for Democrats, and bringing in cheap labor and taking away jobs from American citizens.

  • Support our Police - Houston is not far behind the liberal cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland, when it comes to the insane idea of defunding the police. We must stop this type of crazy liberal ideology from ever being implemented here and support our police. Democrats cut 20 million from the Harris County Constables rollover funds. This was their way of defunding our police.

  • Replace Classroom Poison with Informed Honest Patriotism - Enforce the ban on "critical race theory" in schools, and teach civics and history courses that are accurate and tell the truth about America and it's government. Stop teaching radical views on gender and sexuality to vulnerable school kids. Continue to fight transgender "Drag Queen Story Time" in public libraries where drag queens (men dressed to look like women) read to toddlers. Critical race theory establishes one group of classmates as the oppressed, and one group as the oppressors. The intention is to undermine the foundations of this country, focus on hate, and not focus on the great accomplishments that have been made.

  • Election Integrity - Democrats with the help of the main stream media are lying about "voter suppression" and trying to Federalize (take control away from the states) the voting system by inferring that the existing system is racist. However, historical numbers turned out to vote in the last presidential election. Voter suppression is a Democrat lie, it's a racial scam. Minority voters are not being suppressed.

  • Stop fraud and wasteful spending - per the Secret Service, 100 billion has been lost in taxpayer monies to Pandemic Fraud. And in addition, over 65 billion in taxpayer dollars wasted in unnecessary government programs in 2020 alone. The national debt is at 30 trillion. Elon Musk recently tweeted "True national debt, including unfunded entitlements, is at least $60 trillion - roughly three time the size of the entire US economy. Something has got to give".

  • Acknowledge religious foundations in the establishment of our government - This country was established on religious principles. From the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence, there was religious influence in the belief that "the laws of nature and nature's God" (as articulated in the Declaration of Independence) would govern America.

  • Let parents choose- where to find the best education for their children, whether it be public, private, faith based or home education. Let the funding follow the student. We should have tax credits and exemptions for education and choice within the public school system.

  • Cut and Eliminate Property Taxes - Home ownership is becoming harder and harder to achieve for many Texans because of outrageous property tax increases. Texas has one of the highest tax rates in the nation.

  • Stop Censorship of Conservative views. - Liberal views are not censored, so why are conservative views silenced? Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile shut down the Republican party's presidential campaign ability to send text messages in the days leading up to the 2020 election. Google prevented the presidential campaign from using Gmail. Millions of dollars were lost in campaign donations. "Big Tech" is controlling the narrative and not allowing the opposing views to be presented, especially at critical points during elections.

  • Stop Hate - People should not be hated or condemned because of the color of their skin or because their occupation is in law enforcement, or because of their religious beliefs.

  • candidate Comparison


    House Bill/Senate Bill


    Democrat Voting History for HD145

    Republican - Candidate Michael Mabry for HD145 Opinion


    Correct poor release practices of habitual and violent offenders




    Denial of bail to some violent offenders




    Remove qualifying restrictions on mail-in ballots




    Expand early voting




    Elevates criminal penalties for voter fraud




    Requires voters register their physical address in lieu of P.O. Box




    Authorizes funding to be withheld from county election officials who fail to follow the rules for cancelling ineligible voters




    Prohibit election officials from mailing unsolicited ballots and drive-through voting




    Compete in competition based on biological sex




    Allow school governing body to appoint 1 or more licensed to carry school marshal for each campus




    Prohibits teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) where one race is superior and one race is inherently racist, or oppressive



    For a pdf copy of this chart, click here.

    Platform Comparison



    Support our Border Patrol

    Obstructs Border Patrol’s ability to control the border

    Enforce existing border laws

    Eliminate “remain in Mexico” policy

    Complete the wall

    Tear down the wall

    Deny U.S. benefits to non-citizens

    Provide benefits to non-citizens

    Support our Police

    Defund our Police

    Stop “Catch and Release”

    End cash bail

    Support our Police

    Transform Policing

    Maintain “tough on crime” sentencing

    End “tough on crime” sentencing

    Prisoners lose right to vote when convicted

    Allow prisoners the right to vote

    Keep “conviction history” question on employment application

    Remove “conviction history” question from employment application

    Support our Police

    Relocate funds from police budget to EMS, mental health services, homeless solutions office, etc, thus defunding the police

    Protect all prisoners when incarcerated

    Protect LGBTQIA+ when incarcerated (ensure protocols are developed for access to appropriate gender conformity care)

    Maintain “3 strike” law for criminal offenses

    Eliminate “3 strike” law for criminal offenses

    Require Texas photo ID to vote

    Repeal Texas photo ID law for voting

    30-day voter registration deadline

    Same day voter registration

    Ban on drive-through voting

    Allow drive through voting

    Ban on 24-hour voting (allow 7am-7pm)

    Allow 24-hour voting

    No unsolicited “mail-in” voting

    Provide no excuse “mail-in” voting

    ID required on “mail-in” voting

    ID not required on “mail-in” voting

    Let each state run its election

    Have the Federal Government run election

    No “on-line” voter registration

    Allow “on-line” voter registration

    No ballot harvesting

    Allow ballot harvesting

    State government establishes security and accuracy of voting equipment

    Federal government established security and accuracy of voting equipment

    Maintain Federal Elections Commission panel at 6 members

    Restructure Federal Election Commission panel to 5 members allowing one party to have 3 and the minority party to have 2 members

    Teach courses that are accurate in telling the truth about America and its government. Stop teaching radical views on gender and sexuality to vulnerable school kids. Stop teaching classmates, ‘one group is the oppressed’ and ‘one group is the oppressors’. Stop the focus on hate and undermining of this country.

    Provide education programs that are LGBTQIA+ inclusive. Teach Critical Race Theory.

    For a pdf copy of the comparison, click here.

    Crime Statistics


    Crime is one of the most important issues that we should be discussing with people who are voting in the November election.

    Houston/Harris County, Texas - Crime Statistics - January through August 2022

    Auto Theft 10,666
    Auto Break In 27,145
    Home Burglary 4,486
    Aggravated Assualts 8,866
    Kidnaping 78
    Robbery 4,597
    Sexual Assault 487
    Murder 273
    Open Warrants (warrants not served) Through August 2022
    Open Arrest Warrants 50,672
    Open Felony Warrants 25,212
    Open Murder Warrants 700

    182 violent offenders released on bond have murdered someone this year.

    Houston police department is 2000 police officers short.
    Harris county sheriffs department is 2000 officers short.

    Houston is 132% higher than the national average for violent crime.
    Houston is 172% higher than the national average for murder.
    Houston is 343% higher than the national average for robbery.
    Houston is 170% higher than the national average for vehicle theft.

    Per Crime Stoppers, Democrat judges have dismissed over 100 serious felony crimes such as aggravated assault without explanation. Over 150 people have been killed by murder suspects out on bond over the last few years.
    Your chances of being a victim of a property crime in Houston TX is 1 in 22.

    On Friday, March 11, 2022 Texas Rangers and the Harris County District Attorney raided the office of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, seizing computers, telephones and other items. One month later Hidalgo's chief of staff Alex Triantaphyllis, policy director Wallis Nader, and former policy aide Aaron Dunn were indicted on charges of misuse of official information and tampering with a government record. The indictments were made for their roles in a "rigged bid" for a $10.9 million contract for Community Outreach that Hidalgo awarded to Elevate Strategies LLC, a firm owned by Felicity Pereyra, who is also tied to the Democratic National Committee. Selected over the higher-scoring University of Texas Health Science Center, Pereyra's firm had no background in the medical field, no apparent employees, and was operating out of an apartment in Montrose.

    In October of 2021, instead of funding our police by hiring more officers, Hidalgo and the Harris County Commissioners Court unanimously approved spending $50 million to fight crime through planting trees, improving sidewalks and adding streetlights in distressed neighborhoods. Other plans they have approved include spending $25 million for Criminal Justice Intervention programs such as a $6 million Gun Violence Intervention program and $5 million for a Holistic Alternative Responder Team. Programs modeled after crime failing cities such as Chicago, Washington DC, and Baltimore. If they haven't worked there, why would we think they will miraculously work here?

    One must wonder how these contracts are being awarded especially after knowing of the indictment charges being levied on Hidalgo's personnel.

    Either vote the local Democrat party out of office in November or accept the wasteful "wealth building of friends" crime programs and allow murders, assaults, robbery and kidnappings to continue at record pace.

    For a pdf copy of the statistics, click here.